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Uh, yeah. So I've been called a poser several times - for the basic retarded reasons. I shop at Hot Topic, and Torrid, and like the color black, and I used to cut and I slip in and out of pseudo-pointless depression, and I listen to My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Fallout Boy, and some other stuff.

I'm immedeately called a poser. And that I'm trying to look " punk " or " goth ". Which is R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D.

There is no " punk " or " goth ". Punk is a way of being. Someone who causes chaos and loves to fuck around, and fight people. Someone who doesn't need to have purple hair and wear spikes and chains to stand out in society, and be original.

Not me. I'm pretty conformed, with a couple thousand opinions about the corrupt gov't and stuff. And stand out in a crowd? The only way I do that is when I'm chasing a hottie at the mall or yelling at a friend of mine for something. And yes - because of my unusually textured hair.

The " goth " thing? Not.Even. Close. I watch Degrassi and listen to alternative pop-rock, hip-hop, r&b! Come on!! Is there a goth out there who listens to that kind of music, watches TV like that, and shops regularly at Old Navy? Nope.

So that's why I hate people who call me poser. But, I still call lots of people posers. * Ashlee Simpson.. - cough - Amy Lee.. - cough cough - Avril.. * ^-^

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