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Interesting I come across this community when just last night, I had a very lengthy discussion on the words "punk" and "poser". I don't like either of them. Let's start with punk, since that terrible word, "poser" wouldn't even be of existence if people didn't take the word "punk" so seriously.

What confusing words. Notice that in the dictionary, PUNK means one who shocks society with their clothing, actions, and music. People have turned it into so much more, and there is no longer a definate definition of the word. Therefore, I don't bother using either word. I like punk rock, I may not follow the trends, I don't go with the crowd, etc. etc. , but I am, and will NEVER, call myself a punk.

The interesting thing is, people who consider themselves punks are labeling themselves, and people see 'punk' as something that no one else is... so aren't people who are labeling themselves punks actually posers?... see how much confusion these words get us all into? Why any labels at all? Everyone is their own person, so as far as I'm concerned, we can all be punks.

Well I think I've said what I wanted to say... and it doesn't seem like this community has very many members, but I hope that more people join.

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